My Life as a Zucchini (2017)

This swiss/french animated stop motion film is a story about how love and friendship between orphans can overcome anything. 

This movie was nominated for an academy award for best animated feature film, and was Switzerlands entry for best foreign language film making the december shortlist. The film tells the story about Icare, or as his mother called him “Zucchini” who is being sent to an orphanage after his mothers tragical death.

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The film has adorable characters that will make you smile and the filmmakers manage to present the view of a world through the eyes of the orphans. It is the most moved I have ever been by an animated film that is barely 60 minutes long and with pop eyed plastic figurines. There is some amazing moments of dialouge when the little kids with no knowledge of adulthood is trying to explain sex to each other.

The voicework is spectacular, Michel Vuillermoz is the kindhearted police officer that starts to care alot about Zucchini and visits the children in the orphanage, and the various voice actors manage to create reliable characters that you end up loving very fast. Zucchini meets Camille at the orphanage and finds a friend, and a feeling of his first crush that he really can’t understand yet. It is so deep on many emotional levels

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It is a heavy film, most of this kids are at the orphanage due to their parents being junkies, being deported or being murderers and it is not really something suited for little kids. But it is also so damn adorable.

It is a film about children having to figure out who they will be at a very very young age, and the director Claude Barras manages to play on all of our emotions in these children you end up caring about after seeing this movie. It is a little masterpiece in Swiss cinema, and something every movie lover should check out

Score: 8/10


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