Deepwater Horizon (2016)

Mark Wahlberg delivers some fine acting in this disaster film based on the 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil leak in The Gulf of Mexico. 

Let’s begin with the cast of this film, cause Mark Wahlberg got some great actors alongside him. Wahlberg himself plays Mike Williams, Chief Electronics Technichian in what is probably the first serious acting job the man has ever done. It will be hard to see Mark Wahlberg as a serious actor from now on, but he is brilliant in this. Kurt Russell portrays “Mr Jimmy” The supervisor of the rig and John Malovich portrays Donald Vidrine, a BP representative forcing the crew on Deepwater Horizon to continue the drilling even though the platform seems unstable. Kate Hudson plays Wahlbergs wife Felicia.


The movie is directed by Peter Berg, one of Hollywood not very good directors. Known for his very boring movie Battleship (2012) and Lone survivor(2013) he does not seem like the director that can give this film justice. But he actually manages to give this disaster the credit it deserves. When everything goes to hell he manages to balance the action very well, together with the cinematographer they manage to make a movie that focuses on the tragedy without stepping in stereotypical clichés.

The way Williams family is portrayed barely appears and Hudson does some of her best acting when she realizes the rig is on fire and her husband is in danger but it is never unrealistic. We as viewers can never figure out how intense it must be being family to oil rig workers when something like that happens.

There directing also takes the time to point out whose fault this tragedy is. BP, and they are not that subtle about it. the BP representatives in the film forces through the drilling even though it is dangerous and the movie also takes it’s time to properly honour the eleven people who did not get off the platform alive.

The Mise-en-scene is also worth giving credit, they actually built an entire oil rig to use as a set for the film, and it is so impressive. It is the biggest set piece ever built for a film and it looks phenomenal. The budget for this film was spectacular and it resulted in quite the impressive visual effect

In the cinematic art of film there is quite a lot we can talk about. The visual effects are astonishing. When the oil leak begins and you start to realize that this oil rig is blowing up it is a masterpiece to look at. Every explosion is done so well and the sounds effects are also mind-blowing. There is one scene where Wahlberg and Gina Rodriguez has to jump off the helicopter platform and into the sea to get off alive and it is so intense. So well done. The technical terms of this film makes it one of the best disaster movies in a very long time, but it does have one major flaw.

It is slow, very slow. The movie clocks in at one hour and forty-five minutes and for the first hours pretty much nothing happens. and that is quite problematic. Even though the acting is spectacular and it is one of the prettiest movies of 2016 it’s slow pacing will probably bore a whole lot of people.

Deepwater Horizon is a pretty great disaster film and it manages to portray this tragedy with honour and dignity. I am almost shocked on how good an actor Mark Wahlberg is when he plays serious parts, he should do that more often. and Peter Bergs directing makes this one of 2016s most fascinating pieces of film.

Score: 8/10

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