Jackie (2016)

Jackie is an emotional cinematic biographical film about the life of the american First Lady Jackie Kennedy following her husbands murder in 1963 with some of the most incredible acting ever. 

Natalie Portman stars as Jackie Kennedy and her acting in this movie can only be described as amazing. She covers every kind of possible emotions and managed to capture a realism in her acting unlike anything else. No matter how much I loved Emma Stone in La La Land she did not deserve the Oscar for best actress. Natalie Portman really should have taken that home. She is the kind of actress that really goes all out in all of her parts. In supporting roles we find Richard E. Grant, Peter Sarsgaard and John Hurt in his very last performance before his death in January 2017.


So yeah. Story. We are following a journalist who is interviewing the widow Kennedy sometime after the funeral where she is telling her story. We are following Jackie Kennedy during her days as The First Lady up until J.F.Ks funeral in 1963. The portrait of Mrs Kennedy is intimate and alluring, and an amazing actress like Natalie Portman really gets the chance to shine properly in this. She also took a whole lot of hours with a dialect coach to capture the uniqueness and strength of Jackie KEnnedys vocals.

Although I am gonna claim that Portman is at her best when she is quiet. She is so good in this you can see the sorrow in her face. The amazing cinematography really helps here. The camera uses plenty of close ups  on Portmans face and you can see the sorrow. The grief and the anger over losing her husband and realizing that she has kids to look after.

The costume design in this movie is worth mentioning cause it is really good. Designed by a woman named Madeline Fontaine and everything looks so real. So authentic and it is a movie where you should just sit and enjoy what you see on the screen. So much colours to symbolize the different moods and just the costume and set pieces are something we quite frankly could talk about for a very long time.

This is a story about sorrow and grief, and the soundtrack of Jackie manages to capture that the way in a way that is so pleasing to the ears. Written by the incredibly talented Mica Levi and is the kind of soundtrack so beautiful you could just sit and listen to it and the sorrow it portrays.

The script has it’s weakness. Written by Noah Oppenheim and everything happens so fast. It is going to be hard for even the most hardcore film lover to keep up with everything that happens here in 100 minutes. and it is clear that the script is written out of previous written interviews with Kennedy. cause there are some parts of this manuscript that just does not work out very well

Jackie is the english debut of chilean director Pablo Larrain, and what a debut it is. He manages to capture a realistic and daring portrait of a very important woman, and there are not many directors that get Oscar nominations for their very first film in english.

JAckie is the kind of movie where everything is done correct. The costume. The way she speaks. the phenomenal acting. The supreme soundtrack. It is a film that everyone who loves good stories should check out. And I will comment it again. Natalie Portman should have had the Oscar for this performance. It is the best piece of acting that was done in Hollywood in 2016. It is truly one of the best biographical movies ever made. Even though I find La La Land to be a better movie. Portman is a better actress.

Score: 9/10


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