Mr Holmes (2015)

Mr Holmes tries to answer a question a lot of crime enthusiasts have had. How would Sherlock Holmes work out as a senile 93 year old man?

Bill Condon is trying to portray the worlds greatest Detective as a fragile and senile old man. We are in 1947, Watson and Mycroft are dead, the only ones that are looking after him is a housekeeper and her 10 year old son Holmes is starting to care for alot. He is being haunted by vague memories of a woman he can’t remember properly and sets out to find out what happened in his very last case, and why he ended up retired.


Ian McKellen, best known as Gandalf portrays the great Detective and what a job he does. McKellens Holmes are clever. classy and completely believable. He is desperate to remember what happened before he dies and even tries to drug his brain, and the fascination he gets for this 10 year old boy Roger, played by the amazing Milo Parker last seen in Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children. 

We lack the chemistry between Holmes and Watson that BBCs Sherlock did so well but we don’t really need Baker Street for this film to shine. McKellen shines and the use of flashbacks to create this dramatic murder mystery. Bill Condon is a fabulous director and really manages to capture Holmes more humane then other incarnations. Personally I really love Sherlock Holmes and seeing him tired and ready to die is quite fascinating.


The film also manages to capture an amazing location. Holmes now lives in a big house in the middle of England Nowhere with this maid and his bees. and it is breathtakingly pretty to look at. Filmed at the south coast of England and on some locations in London and it is quite spectacular mise-en-scene. Kudos to the costume designers as well for making a very pretty film.

This is a moving film. Not only due to McKellens great acting but it has such a solid script. It is a diverting and gentle piece of crime drama that will go so fast. It is one of the best Sherlock Holmes adaptations in a long time. The way he starts to become a “Grandfather” Figure for this 10 year old boy, who asks him questions about his life and helps him remember earlier incidents is charming and will make you laugh at several occasions

Score 7/10


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