Ghost in the Shell (2017)

Heavily criticized for Whitewashing but if we move that aside it is one of the most spectacular and beautiful films made this year. 

So. Ghost in the Shell. The live-action adaption of a very popular japanese Manga. Scarlett Johansson stars as Major. A Cyborg super soldier interested in learning more about her past. In supporting roles we find Pilo Asbæk and Takeshi (Beat) Kitano.

Plot. We are in a near future and humans are augmented with cybernetics enhancing basic human features. Major is the first successful case of adding a human brain into an android and is being used as a super solider.


Okay we can’t go around without commenting on the whitewashing criticism. Scarlett Johansson is an amazing actress. and she is acting pretty good in this movie. and even a lot of japanese people have not really minded the casting. People should also remember that Major is a Japanese girl in an android body so even though that body is Scarlett Johansson it really does not matter. Ghost in The Shell is about finding your place in the world and Scar Jo is one of the best actresses out there.

Let’s start focusing on the visuals. Cause god there are a lot of pretty things to see in this movie. The use of Mise-en-scene is some of the finest I have ever seen. The magical skyline in this Asian metropolis. We have sky high buildings as far as the eye can see and the CGI use is quite frankly spectacular. Even if you don’t really like over dramatic violent films with plenty of action and bad jokes Ghost in the Shell is a movie worth seeing just for the spectacular CGI.


Rupert Sanders does a pretty decent job in directing this hell of a story. Ghost in The Shell is weird. MAnga is weird. Filled with plotlines that never makes any sense, but he manages to make Ghost In The Shell the best manga adaption ever. It is miles over it’s 1995 anime also entitled Ghost in The Shell which was a cinematograph train wreck (That last one may piss someone off)

The soundtrack is made by Lorne Balfe with the amazing Clint Mansell. and if there is one thing Mansell is good at, it is capturing tragic dystopian themes. It is so amazing to just sit back and enjoy with eyes and ears.


The movie is an hour and forty-five minutes and they go so fast. YOu get sucked into the beauty of this world and uniqueness  of the visual effects. It really is a piece of cinematic art.

Anyone with a keen interest in film and the technical terms of cinema will find plenty of fun in Ghost In The Shell. A visual astonishing film with pretty okay acting and an extremely complicated plot makes this a movie most people can find something interesting about.

Score: 7/10


5 thoughts on “Ghost in the Shell (2017)”

  1. Esperanza says:

    Someone mentioned this film to me and said that it was really good! I love Sci-fi movies, so I will definitely add this to my list. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. I haven’t heard about this one yet but now I’ll have to check it out!! Thanks! 🙂

  3. Kristina says:

    This is awesome. I was going to post my review but I kind of feel like it’s too late. Scarlett is amazing and it’s not they got someone who isn’t know for being in a fighting role like that.

    1. StianKoxvig says:

      I really don’t care about how old films are. Which is why I do alot of reviews from different eras. That’s the life of a film student. If you post your review I will check it out 🙂

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