Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2. (2017)

Marvels dysfunctional team of superheroes are back for another adventure but does it really manages to capture the charisma of the first one?

Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 1 was quite frankly phenomenal. When it first arrived in 2014 it was praised for its unique humour and astonishing visuals. Now the sequel has arrived and the soundtrack is still cheesy as hell, the humour is spectacular and it looks great. The story, is not that good.

The acting:
Most of the cast from the original returns. and among the newcomers we find Kurt Russell as Ego The Living Planet, which in the MCU is Peter Quills father and Sylvester Stallone as Starhawk. Stallone lacks some screen time in this but it is very clear that he will play a very important part in the MCU plans later. The highlight of the cast is easily Baby Groot. He functions as the Grouchy Marx of the MCU with his casual running around being naive and adorable. VIn Diesel still has the voice of Baby Groot and with his one sentence; “I am Groot” he manages to capture the entire audience and have them eating of the palm of his hand. Karen Gillan is back as Nebula and she has two major agendas. One is killing her sister Gamora and the other is killing their father Thanos. Gillan is a spectacular actress who really shines in this dark and angry role, and the last one I really wanna mention is Dave Bautista. Drax has some of the best one liners in movie history and his chemistry with Rocket Raccoon is quite frankly incredible.


The Soundtrack:
We can’t talk about The Guardians of The Galaxy without mentioning the music. First of all we have Star Lords “Awesome Mix Vol 2” consisting of old 1980s songs you had forgotten you loved, but the movie also has quite the unique score composed by Tyler Bates worth checking out. Peter Quill is as cheesy as ever with his taste in music and the anger when his father smashes his Walkman is incredible. There is also a scene where he gets a Zune and learns it can have 300 songs and his eyes light up with joy.


The Visual Effects
There is no point in denying that Guardians of The Galaxy 1 and 2 are incredibly pretty to look at. The visual is made by the talented Framestore in London and they pretty much outdo anything ever in this film. In showing off how massive Ego The Living Planet is they had to have over one trillion polygons. Which is the biggest visual effect ever done on a movie. I am already smelling the Academy Award for best visual effects in 2017 here.

Now after pointing out the good parts we need to be a bit critical. Cause there are some major flaws in this movie surrounding it’s incredibly weak plotline.


Directing and plot:
James Gunn does a pretty okay attempt at making a worthy sequel. The big problem is that he tries to make it look ridiculous. There are several laughing moments in the film but most of them seem very forces upon us as an audience. And he does not manage to capture the uniqueness of the original. Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 feels forced upon the viewer and ends up as a totally okay Marvel production. It kind of feels like he is trying way to hard to please the audience and that is a pity. Gunn clearly loves these characters and he can live long on the major success of the first one. But the second one feels more like Iron Man 3 than Guardians of The Galaxy vol 1. The plot is so weak. Nothing happens for an hour and a half before Ego The Living Planet goes psycho and wanna kill everything

But overall Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 is fun. it is visually great and has some songs I am never getting out of my head again. The next time we see the Guardians they are fighting Thanos on Earth with The Avengers and director Gunn should probably sit down with a lot of comics to make sure Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 will feel more like the first one.

Score: 6/10


One thought on “Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2. (2017)”

  1. Scott says:

    I liked your review of GotG Vol 2. You make some good points about the plot, even though I ended up overlooking most of the issues because it was so FUN!

    While Vol 2 might have fallen short of Vol 1 (which is tough to compare to, since Vol 1 was so unexpectedly good), I think Gunn did a great job of bringing back the same characters, and giving them the same, or similar, voice to the first movie. Drax laughed a LOT more, and enjoyed his time alive – but still had the droll dead-pan from the first movie.

    Rocket was still a wise-cracking tech genius, but now he had a REASON why he pushed people away….

    I think the theme of family – and how it’s not about genetics but about who stands with you when the chips are down – brought an element the first movie was missing. Which is why I enjoyed it as much as the first, even if there were some issues.

    I’ve also got a review up on my blog, check it out!

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