Tangerine (2015)

Director Sean Baker keeps on showing exactly how talented he is at making indies in this little masterpiece about two transgender sex workers and their unique friendship. 

I really enjoy this kind of films. Hidden gems. We have the lead role Sin-Dee Rella played by Kitana Kiki Rodriguez. She has just finished a 28 days prison sentence and goes to meet her friend Alexandra played by Mya Taylor who reveals that Sin-Dees boyfriend/Pimp has been cheating on her.

This is a comedy drama film, but it still manages to capture the rawness of a pretty major discrimination towards transgender. Both the actresses are amazing in their parts. Rodriguez have revealed that she used to work as a sex worker before she got into acting and the liveliness of the two lead actresses are unique and fascinating. There are humour, friendship and betrayal in this movie that are gonna make you feel alot of emotions.

The casting conventions here are unique and all credit to Sean Baker for actually casting two transgender actresses, especially when Rodriguez had zero acting experience beforehand. But even if he dares to challenge alot of Hollywood casting conventions there is a darn good film in the bottom here.


Both Rodriguez and Taylor are talented and strong women who manages to shine in this role. It is so cool that there are filmmakes who dare to cast african-american transgender actors for lead roles. Tangerine shows that there are plenty of them, and they could do great in the movie industry.

Baker knows how to make good indie films. Best known for 2004s amazing Take Out he shows that he manages to make good movies about topics that most people usually don’t dare to try out.

The cinematography here is very unique. cause the entire film is shot with the cameras of 3 iPhone 5S. It shows alot on how powerful cameras we have in our pockets these days when filmmakers can shoot a 90 minute film. And it looks very good. There is nothing to point out on the cinematic parts. The use of Mise-en-scene and locations are also quite spectacular and manages to capture the realism of how it is like to live in this society .


Tangerine is a stylistic and original piece of movies that everyone should sit down and enjoy. It is a tale of love. betrayal and friendship made by one of the finest indie developers out there.

Score: 8/10


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