Logan (2017)

Hugh Jackmans final appearance as Wolverine is not just the best movie set in the X-Men universe, it may be the best superhero movie to date.

Let’s face it. Wolverine has been the one highlight of the X-Men universe. Yeah he got two very bad origin movies in X-Men Origins and The Wolverine but in the other movies he has been the character worth seeing. Now with Logan he has put his claws on and the result is splendid.


Patrick Stewart returns as Professor Charles Xavier here. he is 90 years old and has Alzheimer’s. The most powerful telepathic brain in the world, with a brain disease. That is interesting. Stewart delivers solid acting and the chemistry between him and Jackman as a “Father/Son” profile is touching and moving. Professor X also has some of the greatest one liners in the movie as the senile old father figure. Among the new cast we have Dafne Keen as Laura Kinney, a young mutant with similar powers as Wolverine and the 11-year-old girl had as good as no acting experience before getting that role, and what a role she does. She owns this movie from the beginning to the end.


We are in the year 2029. There are no more mutants being born and they are on the edge of extinction. Wolverine drives a limo and his regenerative abilities has stopped working properly and together with Caliban he lives and cares for Professor X in an abandoned smelting plantation. It feels like a sort of western atmosphere. Also seeing Wolverine with a X-Men comic book commenting how much wrong there is in it is a moment that will make anyone smile.


Richard E. Grant appears as the villain Zander Rice and well if there is one thing that man is good at, it is playing villains. His creepy look and cunning voice makes Zander Rice one of the best X-Men villains so far.

The fight scenes where Jackman and Keen fight together is so well choreographed. The movie is astonishingly beautiful to watch in terms of pure fighting. The visuals are pleasing to look at and the company Image Engine does a great job on making Hugh Jackman look like Old Man Logan and making the visual effects of mutant powers.


Logan is about fighting for something you believe in, one last time. It was marketed as “One Last Time” and when Wolverine is all alone in the world trying to save the last people he has to care about you really feel for him. It is heavy and when Mangold is not trying to make Logan violent and bloody he manages to make the audience cry a lot. Some of the scenes are heartbreaking and Jackman as a splendid actor manages to capture Wolverine as the hero we should not really like, but still ends up loving.


The cinematography in Logan is just incredible for movie lovers. Using old Film Noir framing and some styles of german expressionism filmmaking from the early 1900s manages to make it feel like a comic book. It is framed in a unique way I really can’t say I know any other movie these days that are doing. And to top it off there are a film-noir version of Logan being released with the Blu Ray edition. And seeing Logan in Black and White is probably gonna be as awesome as it sounds like

Having an 11-year-old girl appear as the lead in an R-Rated movie is quite fascinating to think of. There are so many things director James Mangold could have done wrong here. But luckily he is a great director. Logan is a violent movie, but it is also a pleasing violence to look at. Seeing how most of the ass kicking is being done by Dafne Keen and we don’t really see the little girl being hut the violence works out very well.


Violence in a movie like this is something worth mentioning. There has not really been very violent superhero movies happening before the success of Deadpool in 2016, but if we look at the source material a Wolverine movie should be violent. Logan is a man with big anger issues who curses like a sailor. Great job from Mangold to manage to capture the true essence of Wolverine.

Logan is the 10th movie in the X-Men franchise and the third Wolverine stand alone film, and due to Mangolds brilliant directing and Jackman, Stewart and Keens splendid acting Logan is not just good. It is the greatest superhero movie to date. and I am upright sad to think it is the last thing we see of Hugh Jackman as The Wolverine.

Score: 10/10


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  1. Scott says:

    Great review. I’ve loved Wolverine since I was a young kid, and this is a fitting end to Jackman’s Wolverine character….also, a great finale for Patrick Stewart. Both are a fantastic example of perfect casting….and one the reasons why the X-Franchise has held on strong in the theaters, even with weak showings (like X-3).

    My blog has similar content and reviews – I think you might want to check it out!

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