Spotlight (2015)

The movie about the undercover journalists at the Boston Globe and their discovery of the sexual abuses in the catholic church is filled with great acting and a solid screenplay.

Everyone knows the story right? Spotlight was the first to declare open war on the catholic church and win. In 2001 they started a huge investigation. AFter quite the investigations they start to uncover more and more terrible cases of sexual abuse commited by priests of the Catholic Church in the Boston area and how higher executives knew about it, and covered it up.


Among the cast we have Michael Keaton as Robby Robinson. The leader of the Spotlight team, and Mark Ruffalo as Michael Rezendes, one of the Spotlight journalists. Rachel McAdams portrays the only female journalist on the team and she is quite frankly the highlight of the film as well. The acting in Spotlight is phenomenal.


Director Tom McCarthy wanted to use Spotlight as a way of showing exactly how powerful journalism can be. And he succeeds. Today in all these “Fake News” days we need movies like Spotlight. It manages to show off the power of true investigative journalism, as well as a great piece of storytelling.


The script was written by McCarthy and Josh Singer, and manages to be pretty accurate. It showed off exactly how big this scandal was without attacking peoples faith. The catholic church themselves has recommended people seeing the movie and it managed to tie up the incredible complicated plot of well over 50 cases of sexual abuse.

The cinematography is done by Masanobu Takyanagi. A Japanese cinematographer who is a known master with the camera. Previously known for doing Silver Linings Playbook. He is one of the cinematographers worth noticing cause he captures every scene in a unique and realistic way.


Of course it is a heavy movie. With a heavy story, we are talking some very terrible cases of sexual abuse and molesting of children here and anyone will be affected by a story like that. Now in these days there is a series on Netflix called The Keepers which tells the same story in the same area and I will be writing about that one later so Spotlight led the way to uncovering these monsters and I really hope the church has reformed alot since the discoveries was done. The movies ends with a detailed description on how long these abuses went on and that the man who tried to cover it all up ended up as a cardinal in Rome after the scandal.

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The soundtrack is composed by Howard Shore. and what a soundtrack. Shore manages to capture the essence of the story in terms of music.

Spotlight is without doubt one of the best films of 2015. Also one of the best biographical films made to date. It tells a deep story about how journalism is super important, and is very relevant in these source criticsm days. It also puts a voice on the poor victims of these disasters and is truly a fine piece of cinematic art that everyone should see.

Score 9/10


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  1. Spotlight is a great ensemble film. One of the year’s best when it came out.

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