Our Little Sister (2015)

This japanese movie tells the story about three sisters living in the same . And how they have to handle the arrival of their 13-year-old baby sister. 

So we have these three adult sisters. Sachi, Yoshino and Chika. They live in a house they got from their grandmother after both their parents abandoned them. One day they receive the news that their father who they haven’t seen in 15 years have died and in the funeral they learn that they have a thirteen year old little sister who now has no one to look after her so the oldest sister Sachi invites her back to live with them.


Let’s start with the acting here. The chemistry between these four girls are incredible. Haruka Ayase is quite extraordinary as the oldest and “wisest” sister and her chemistry with Suzu Hirose, who had as good as no previous acting experience is amazing to look at. The acting in this movie is so good. Even though Ayase and Hirose are the stars of this movie and owns it the two other actresses Kaho and Masami Nagasawa both gives among the finest acting I have seen in a long time.


Let’s talk technical parts here. The cinematography and mise-en-scene in Japanese cinema has always fascinated me. Every shot is captured in a gorgeous way by Mikiya Takimoto and the japanese filmmakers know how to make everything look great on-screen. Their use of colours and symbolism in sets and costumes makes movies that are astonishingly pretty to look at.


This is a story about sibling love, and it is quite the moving film. All throughout we see this love these sisters have for each other and Sachi is the old and wiser woman who has raised her two younger sisters and are now starting to raise the third. There are so much themes we could pull up here but the feel good love between sisters is easily the most important one.

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The music, og this movie is gorgeous to listen to as well. The music is done by Yoko Kanno, most known for creating the music of several popular anime series and she is quite the keyboard player. The music in this film manages to capture the uniqueness and realist auteur that Koreeda is trying to tell us.


The script is based on the Umimachi Diaries manga by Akimi Yoshida and the scriptwriter and director Hirokazu Koreeda is faithful to the source material and delivers a script that will make you smile on several occasions with plenty of well written dialogue and character descriptions.

The directing he does is quite unique. He has a directing style that feels like realistic auteur and Koreeda is a part of the New Wave of Asian filmmaking that is always fascinating to watch. Our Little Sister is a little masterpiece that proves that.


Our Little Sister is a pretty good film, and everyone interested in movies will find some pleasure in watching this. It is a moving tale about love and sisterly bonding told by one of Japans finest moviemakers and a definite must see.

Score: 8/10



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