Free Fire (2016)

Ben Wheatleys action comedy from 2016 stars Brie Larson and tells the story of a gang war shootout in 1978. 

So we are in the middle of a gang war. So we have some IRA Revolutionaries trying to buy weapons from a quite eccentric arms dealer in a warehouse. And everything goes to shit from there.

Well That is enough of a recap anyway. This movie is way to short to go into detail so we should start talking about the technical parts. Cause this movie is entertaining, but not really good and I will explain it.

This movie is stupid. That is the short version. After everything goes to hell the 10+ characters start shooting and it is just 90 minutes of a Warehouse shootout with several characters shooting their friends in the ass by accident.


The script is written by Ben Wheatley himself and his wife Amy Jump. The only other movie I have seen them do is High Rise (2016) Which was very good. but they does not manage to capture any kind of realism or cinematic art with Free Fire.

Brie Larson is way too talented at acting to ever be in a movie like this. She is also the only cast member that can actually act in the role as Justine, the calmer peacemaker trying to sort out the war between the IRA and the Gunrunners, until she is also shot and ends up shooting back.


The cinematography is not very graceful and when the full shootout begins it gets very hard to keep track on who is on whos side. The frame shifts so fast a person not interested in film could easily get a headache, and when the movie is just 90 minutes long it never reaches close to a worthy conclusion. Spoiler alert. Everyone dies.


There are potential for a movie that should have been great here. Hiring decent actors, not rushing everything, and have a solid script would have been essentially enough. The starring cast here except Brie Larson is not decent. They are upright terrible.


Free Fire is enjoyable though, for most people. It has humour. It has guns, it has terrible sex jokes which is the recipe for a successfull stupid comedy. But that is also all it aspires to be. a dumb comedy film. Where as High Rise was a creepy dark dystopian drama film that I loved. Free Fire comes across as a waste of 90 minutes and a movie that tries to be clever, but fails.

Score. 5/10


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