Spider-Man Homecoming (2017)

Sony and Marvel STudios first collaboration about everyone’s favorite Spider is a powerful superhero movie, and shows one of the rising stars of Hollywood. 

Spider Man, Spider Man, Does whatever a Spider Can. Everyone knows Spider Man. Sam Raimis Spiderman Trilogy starring Tobey McGuire was super successful when they came out in the mid 2000. and now we are on our third Spider Man Reboot, and this time in the very successful Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Lets try to explain a little bit about Marvel and copyrights, to avoid bankruptcy in the late 80s Marvel sold away the movie rights to most of their then popular heroes. Universal has the rights to The Incredible Hulk. Fox has the rights of X-Men and Fantastic Four, and Sony has the rights to Spider Man. Now after the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe they have been working hard to get back the licensing rights to most of their famous characters, but it has been hard. Now for the first time Sony and Marvel has worked out an agreement to let Spider-Man join the MCU.


Spider-Man first made his appearance in 2016s Captain America: Civil War. Played by 20-year-old Tom Holland, and he was an instant success. Now he has gotten his first solo movie and his acting is still golden.

So Spider-Man Homecoming takes place a few months after Captain America: Civil War and Peter Parker is struggling with school. crushes and other teenage issues. He is under the protection of Happy Hogan and Tony Stark who doesn’t want him to be an Avenger and just stay in school. Holland plays the part of Peter Parker brilliantly. He is not a huge crybaby like Tobey McGuire and he is not a bad actor like Andrew Garfield.


Jacob Batalon plays Ned. Parkers best friend, and The Guy in the Chair for Spider-Man. and what a job he does. Ned and Peter are the outcasts of their school and their incredible friendship. Robert Downey Jr returns as everyone’s favorite Tony Stark and acts as this casual mentor for Spider-Man.


Michael Keaton plays Vulture, and we should probably address his fascination for birds. Keaton does an incredible villain. Adrian Toomes is a man trying to salvage garbage from The Avengers battle for New York and when his organisation gets shut down he loses his mind and becomes a criminal. Keaton plays incredible and the portrayal of Toomes as a loving family man trying to do what he can to save his family and make sure they are okay are admirable. Bonus points that his Vulture Suit looks incredible.


The acting in this movie is splendid so now lets move on to the technical parts. The directing by Jon Watts is quite unorganized. There are some sequences here that feel like they are being forced down the throat of the viewer, and some of the dialogue are very cheesy. That is what you get when you have six different screenwriters on one two-hour movie.

The cinematography is very good, and manages to capture the acrobatics of Spider-Man in a beautiful way. Every frame is visually astonishing to look at. The fast action sequences and swinging between webs are being captured in a frame that the great cinematographer Salvatore Totino manages to achieve.


The music is done by Michael Giacchino, a great composer, known for creating some amazing tunes worthy of the history books, and he does a great job on Homecoming. The poppy soundtrack  fits with the high-school undertone of the movie and helps make it more realistic.

The tone of homecoming is very light. It is a movie you are supposed to laugh a little bit at. It is not a villain with psychotic god like powers as we have seen in the MCU previous. It is a working man being forced into a life of crime trying to save his family, and we have the friendly teenage neighbourhood Spider-Man who loves being Spider-Man. He falls, and he gets up and he is a child. He is not super serious adult super hero. He is a kid.


A friend of mine described this movie as a Deadpool for Kids. and I really like that comparison. Spider-Man Homecoming has a funny undertone filled with teenage sexual innuendos and this visually beautiful violence that will make any superhero fan smile of joy

Spider-Man Homecoming is the best Spider-Man movie to date. and yes I Know Spiderman 2 is amazing, but Homecoming is just better. Holland loves being Spider-Man, and he this movie is filled with so many great actors helping him to aspire to be his very best. Homecoming is basically Spider-Man doing whatever a Spider can, and the result is one of the finest Marvel movies to date.

Score: 8/10


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