Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

The fourth movie in George Millers dystopian action series is easily the best one yet starring Tom Hardy as everyone’s favorite madman. 


There are so many things we could talk about when it comes to Mad Max Fury Road so let’s try to organize our thoughts a little. We are in a dystopian setting where humans fight to survive and the protagonist “Mad” Max Rockatansky, a former cop hunted by grudge who is being kidnapped and beaten by the henchmen of Immortal Joe where he is being used for blood and spare parts. Immortan Joe has his loyal short-lived warboys living and fighting for him, and the man controls the water which he calls his “Aqua Cola” In the female lead we have Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa. A Powerful general who goes on a rescue mission to save the five wives of Immortan Joe being used for breeding purposes. Furiosa must ally with Max to escape the army of Immortan Joe on the Fury Road.


And that is enough about the plot cause we have more things to talk about. Let’s begin with the acting, both Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron does the acting of  a lifetime in their parts, and the chemistry and distrust between them feels realistic. Nicholas Hult plays Nux. The Warboy turned hero who decides to ally and save Max and Furiosa in a great supporting role. Charlize Theron is the one who deserves the most credit here though. Even though the movie is called Mad Max. the title character takes a step back and the strong theme of feminism runs wild throughout the film. Furiosa is the powerful hero focusing on her rescue mission and a good female role model. She can handle a big War Rig and is an excellent shooter who may even surpass Max. The movie is a feminist revolt led by the powerful Furiosa against the patriatic tyranny.


Let’s talk about themes for a little, and female empowerment. Here we have the characters uniting to stand against the tyranny of Immortan Joe and all seven of the characters are looking for a Home. Maxs Home was destroyed. Furiosa was taken away from her home and the wives are trying to find a new home. Home has been a central theme in George Millers filmography and is a topic he does better than anyone. Among other dominant themes in this movie we have survival. Seeing how Max and Furiosa are being hunted by a convoy of bigger War rigs and redemption. Furiosa says so well in the movie that she fights for redemption, and Max suggests that maybe they can find redemption together. They are both messed up emotionally characters that has been fighting to survive all their lives and lost parts of their humanity.

The pacing of Fury Road plays in on the theme of survival. It is an incredibly fast movie where most of the action happens in high speed pursuits.

MadMaxFuryRoad-247-ft (1).jpg

Now to move on to the technical parts. Miller is a great director. There is nothing to discuss on that, but he may actually outdo himself on Fury Road. Everything here is close to perfect. Every scene and dialogue is important to the story and the way he has created this equality between Max and Furiosa is the work of a genius Director. There easy to see that he has been working on the script here for decades.


The Mise-en-scene is also pretty unique, in the fact that it is gorgeous. Fury Road is filled with colourful desert scenes and a strong use of colour symbolism. The cosumes look incredible. There are bright yellow colours to symbolize how they are getting hunted, and the costumes and war rigs looks amazing. Miller really managed to capture the greatest dystopian society seen on movies on a very long time. The hair and makeup looks incredible and especially Furiosa. She looks like the aggressive survivor you would expect in a society like this.


The cinematography is done by John Seale and the way he captures each frame makes it look like one of the greatest action movies ever made. The pacing of Fury Road is very quick, where everything happens in the War Rigs moving at high speed and Seales cinematography manages to capture the realism of someone being chased. Every shot is composed in a unique way to create great cinematographic art.

The music of Fury Road is done by Junkie XL, a great composer who has done movies like The Dark Knight Rises and Deadpool. and here in Fury Road he is being a genius again. The music of Fury Road is very fast, and it plays in on the theme of hunt and Cat/Mice chasing. The heavy drums playing in the racins sequences are so catchy to listen to.

strapped to car(1).jpg


Mad Max Fury Road is one of the greatest movies of all time, and definitly if you are fan of high paced action movies. George Miller has made movie history with Fury Road and the result is a kind of movie where everything works out. Every movie phanatic will enjoy Mad Max: Fury Road

Score: 10/10


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