Power Rangers (2017)

The third movie of the Power Rangers works as a reboot, and the result is not that good, but also not completely awful. 

Everyone knows of The Power Rangers. The cheesy band of superheroes that has been featured in god knows how many mediocre TV series in the 90s and the merchandise popularity of The Power Rangers have always been high. In this movie they are rebooting The Power Rangers and they fail to stay true to original source material and the result is quite critic worthy.


So. Let’s start with the acting, This is the first blockbuster movie to feature superheroes that are autistic (The Blue Ranger) and gay (The Yellow Ranger) and that is a very good thing. Becky G acts very well as The Yellow Ranger and RJ Cyler is a charmer who manages to steal people’s hearts as the autistic Billy Cranston. Elizabeth Banks portrays Rita Repulsa. the films main villain, while Bryan Cranston delivers a powerful role as the mentor of The Power Rangers Zordon.


The main problem with Power Rangers is it’s incredibly weak script. Written by John Gatins the pacing is so slow. It is 2 hour movie and when it takes 90 minutes before we actually see The Power Rangers in their suits the result becomes quite boring. Also the Power Rangers in its whole doesn’t really fit in todays Superhero culture. They are too silly. Why would kids today go watch Power Rangers when they can see The Avengers instead? Power Rangers tries to be a safe contribution to the superhero genre and it really doesn’t work out that well.

Power Rangers feels like a movie that tries to be clever, and fails at doing it. There are several pop culture references to big pop culture and the way they try to put up chemistry between the characters fail big time. The directing by Dean Israelite is very bad, and it doesn’t help that the acting by Dacre Montgomery as The Red Ranger is just unbelievable to look at, the guy can’t act.


And let’s talk some CGI. Cause this movie is ugly. The CGI of Power Rangers looks like late 90s Batman and Robin and Rita and Goldar also does not really look visually impressive for a 2017 movie. I will say though. The Power Ranger uniforms actually looks very nice. They are among the highlight of the last 20 minutes of the movie when these dysfunctional superheroes actually manages to morph.

Let’s talk about humour. The script of Power Rangers places it in the secure place of really cheesy humour, and that is what Power Rangers are supposed to be. They are cheesy, but in this instance it just gets too much. They have filled 75% of the movie with bad jokes on the chemistry between the five characters and it just makes you a bit nauseated.


So. Is Power Rangers a good movie? No, but it is also not bad. It has it’s highlights where it is mildly entertaining and the plans for five to six movies shows that Lionsgate has plans for this franchise. Big plus on featuring autism and LGBT themes in a superhero movie cause that is very good, but the incredibly bad animation and mediocre acting sadly makes Power Rangers as forgettable as the TV series were in the 90s.

Score: 5/10


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