The Founder (2016)

Michael Keaton is great in this biographic movie featuring Ray Kroc and how he built the multi billion dollar empire today known as McDonalds.


Everyone knows McDonalds. The worlds biggest fast food chain. They have restaurants everywhere. But how did this company begin? That is being told in John Lee Hancocks movie The Founder where we first meet Ray Kroc. a salesman travelling around the US selling Milkshake makers with little success. One day he learns of a small restaurant ordering an unusual number of MIlkshake mixers so he travels to California to see it. and there he finds McDonalds. a family friendly fast food restaurant run by Dick and Mack McDonald. Kroc finds himself extremely fascinated by how the brothers run their very successfull fast food restaurant so he convinces them to franchise it and that is the birth of an empire.


Now let’s talk about the acting. Michael Keaton does a performance close to Birdman in this, and John Carrol Lynch and Nick Offerman plays the part of the McDonald brothers very well. Great chemistry between the three leads.


Screenwriter Robert Siegel manages to deliver a script that tells the story of Kroc in a reasonable and believeable way, and director HAncock manages to tell the story most people probably did not know about the McDonalds franchise. Ray Kroc had quite the interesting personal life and Hancock manages to explain Krocs problem with his wife and how he met wife number 3 while still focusing on what is important in this story. Spoiler alert. Kroc tricks the McDonald brothers out of royalties that would be worth 100 million dollars a year. This is a biographical movie where you end up sitting and thinking about things. And it feels like Hancock is trying to make a movie where the movie seems ashamed of itself for letting Kroc fool the McDonald brothers.


The cinematography is done by John Schwartzman, a master cinematographer known for working on Jurassic World and Seabiscuit and he does a great job here. I am smelling another Oscar nomination for the cinematography here. Each frame is visually astonishing to look at.

The Founder is a pretty good biographical film and the chemistry between the actors and the excellent screenplay makes The Founder a movie that sticks with you for a very long time. McDonalds is a brand on the size of Coca Cola, everyone knows of it, everyone has eaten there and now having this amazing biography about a shady buisness man who managed to make this multi billion dollar conglomerate it is today is a way to learn a fascinating story.

Score: 7/10




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