Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017)

The sixth(Yeah) installment in the Resident Evil film franchise brings Alice story to an end, and at last we can put this abomination behind us. 

Movies based on Video Games is a solution that rarely works out. Warcraft sucked, Assassins’s Creed sucked and even though the Resident EVil films have been the best of the bunch, they have not been very good.


Humanity is extinct, most of the humans have turned into Zombies and the few settlements that are left are being hunted down by The Umbrella Corporation. In the ruins of Washington DC we find Alice, played by (Milla Jovovich) still trying to be badass after she was betrayed by Albert Wesker in the previous film. She gets a message that The Umbrella Corporation has developed an Anti-Virus that she must get the hold off before the rest of humanity is wiped out. So therefore her final chapter goes back into Racoon City that was destroyed in the first film to battle Doctor Alexander Isaacs played by Iain Glen. The evil leader of Umbrella who has created several clones of himself that has died in previous films.


Kind of sounds like a mess right? That is because it is. But I am going to try to break it down a little. And let’s begun with the acting. Milla Jovovich is a terrible actress and it kind of fits with Alice being a horrible written character. Iain Glen, known as everyone’s favorite creep Jorah Mormont in GAme of Thrones still delivers a decent villain, but he fails to live up to Shawn Roberts as Albert Wesker, the only man in the movie that may actually be good.



So. The directing is done by Paul W. S. Anderson. The husband of Milla Jovovich and a man known for directing movies like Alien vs Predator and Mortal Kombat, and that should really say enough. His movies are filled with terrible messy writing, awful CGI and actors that can’t act.



This movie is a overal train wreck. IT is the worst of six movies and the conclusion to Alice’s story kind of feels pointless. It is also super short so everything happens at once which is not a good thing. The CGI is so unbearable it is almost painful to look at and the remaining characters are just terribly clichés.

maxresdefault (2).jpg

If you are a fan of the Resident Evil movies and have managed to stay on until movie six you will probably be quite disappointed. It does not really manage to solve all the plotholes left by previous films and it almost feels relieving it is finally over.


So as a runner up I will say that if Sony Studios should ever have the idea of rebooting Resident Evil as a movie franchise. which I know has been talked about. Please get a good director and good actors to make it something us gamefans can enjoy. and let us bury this mutated excuse of a movie series once and for all.

Score: 3/10



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