The Defenders (2017)

Marvel and Netflix TV Series collaboration has always been leading up to this miniseries and after a long day of binge watching I am ready to talk about The Defenders. 

Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, the MCU on Netflix have had quite a run so far and all of it was leading up to this very dysfunctional excuse of a superhero team, now this is a miniseries so it is only on 8 episodes, but we still have plenty of stuff to talk about.


So who is the star of The Defenders? The four heroes are quite different and have quite the huge egos but the most dynamic chemistry is easily between Charlie Cox(Daredevil) and Krysten Ritter. Both Daredevil and Jessica Jones are quite the stubborn characters and the way they communicate with each other is remarkable.


Mike Colter and Finn Jones communicates a lot with each other. Comic book fans will know about the Heroes for Hire team that both Luke Cage and Iron Fist are parts of and they have several bro moments when they try to test their strength against eachother. Sigourney Weaver portrays Alexandra, the evil leader of The Hand that has been referenced in previous series and goes straight in with Kingpin and Kilgrave in terms of great MCU villains, she is cunning, she is manipulative and she upright terrifying. All in all a really good villain.


We are not gonna talk a lot about the story here due to not wanting to spoil anything but I will say that this is fanservice done right, the first two episodes is used to establish alot of unanswered questions on where we are after each heroes respectable series and every character plays a unique role. After the harsh critique of Iron Fist when it premiered back in February he is given alot more justice here and Finn Jones tries to be the optimism in the darker characters of Jessica Jones and Daredevil. He also has some amazing Heroes for Hire moments with his comic book BFF Luke Cage.


The fight scenes in these Netflix shows have always been incredible and halfway throughout the series these four heroes meet up in a gorgeously choreographed hallfight that has everything a good fight scene should have. Guns, a bulletproof man, a blind man beating up criminals, a borderline alcoholic with PTSD and a whiney kid with an iron fist. It can’t be explained with words and should actually just be experienced. The highlight of The Defenders starts late in episode three and after that it is a train ride.


There are some pacing issues here cause it kind of tries to follow a whole lot of plotlines at once. Iron Fist is still hunting The Hand, Luke Cage tries to save Harlem. Matt Murdock tries to not be Daredevil and Jessica Jones deals with the aftermath of murdering Kilgrave, and when the plotline tries to jump from here to there overall between the main plot and the subplots it gets messy. Luckily we also have some great supporting roles like Rosario Dawson, Jessica Henwick and Simone Missick that tries to help fill out these overly complex heroes in a good way.


John Paesano, who made the score for Daredevil returns as the producer here and the result is once again pretty darn great. The Defenders has a depressive soundtrack that fits the tragic tone of these heroes and their issues. Here we have four people who do not trust each other and have to work together to save New York from annihilation.


The Defenders is pretty good. It is a great way for fans of these series to finally see all the characters in scenes together and it is Marvel and Netflix doing what they do best, make incredible TV series with characters we all know and love, and I am looking forward to seeing where they go with The Punisher, which is the next series they have to give us. Now if there were only more episodes.

Score: 8/10


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