Wonder Woman (2017)

It took Warner Brothers 4 attempts before the DC Extended Universe managed to make a great film, and Wonder Woman is a blast.

Let’s face it. DCs attempt at recreating Marvels smashing success has not been very succesfull. Even though both Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman were quite the big box office successes they have not been very well recieved by fans or critics. Diana Prince first appeared in Batman V Superman and now in DCEUs fourth movie they manage to hit it spot on.


Personally I find Gal Gadots acting to be so terrible it is cringeworthy, but she somehow manages to be quite charming as Wonder Woman. She is still not a very good actress, but with the support of her great cast members and directing she manages to grow on me throughout this film.


So. Plot summary time. Diana is training with her fellow Amazons in Themysciria. They are taught that they are the warriors created by Zeus to protect mankind from Ares, the God of War. One day a plane crashes in the ocean and the young airforce captain Steve Trevor crashes into the sea and is being rescuded by Wonder Woman, and he tells her about The Great War currently happening. Diana decides to leave Paradise Island to try to protect humanity and her new friend introduces her to the human society and culture.

Chris Pine plays Steve Trevor. Wonder Womans love interest/Truest friend, who introduces her to the human world and the chemistry between the two of them are quite fantastic. Chris Pines terrific acting kind of makes you not realize Gal Gadots terrible acting.


The film is directed by Patty Jenkins, most known for her incredible Monster from 2003, and the directing here is very good. She manages from the first second to make Wonder Woman interesting, and the movie is the highest grossing movie from a female director ever. Which is very cool. I am all for Hollywood girl power. Jenkins directing is so good it really should show the big studios that women can make big blockbusters in Hollywood without problems


The CGI Effects here are astonishing, and the fighting scenes are very well choreographed. The god powers of Ares and Diana are especially worth noticing as gorgeous CGI. and  especially the final scene with Diana fighting Ares is fun to look at and for any cinematophile it is also really interesting to look at the cinematography.

The cinematography is done by Matthew Jensen, probably best known for making a lot of cinematography for Game of Thrones, and he is really one of the best cinematographers out there these days, and any movie fanatic should see some of his work. His framing of especially big fight scenes are some of the finest cinematography in the world right now.


The film also has some pretty heavy soundtrack and it is made by Rupert Gregson Williams, brother of Harry Gregson Williams. The soundtrack is amazing to listen to, and big superhero blockbusters like this should have epic fighting scores, which Williams nails very well.


All in all Wonder Woman somehow turned into one of the best superhero movies to date, and a lot of it is due to Patty Jenkins directing and Chris Pines great acting. The DC Universe has some incredible characters and finally seeing them being able to do some of their massive characters some justice.

Score 9/10


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