Pride + Prejudice + Zombies (2016)

This is exactly what it sounds like, a satirical parody of Jane Austens lovely classic with the soft touch of the modern zombie genre. 

I will not hide the fact that this movie may have been the dumbest thing I have ever seen, but there are a couple of charmer here and there worth addressing. I will not talk a lot about the plot cause well everyone already knows that story. Lily James stars as Elizabeth Bennet and Sam Riley is the always charming Fitzwilliam Darcy. But the highlight of the film is Matt Smith in the role of Mr Collins. The most charming guy in Britain always delivers in his roles and his acting is a thrill to watch. Among other famous names we have Lena Headey and Charles Dance best known from Game of Thrones


Lily James is also the kind of actress that is amazing in everything she does, and P&P&Z is not  different. She manages to capture Elizabeth Bennet as good as the source material. As this proud arrogant woman who judges Mr Darcy on his first appearance which is not good, and even though Sam Riley is not Colin Firth he somehow manages to be pretty charming as Mr Darcy.


Some of the visuals in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies are actually very good. The zombie gore looks astonishing and there is no shame in admitting that the hair and makeup is done in such a good way it has to be british. It is still a simple gimmick though. It is Pride and Prejudice. spiced up with zombies, so I still feel like I have seen this before.


The directing by Burr Steers is also not something noteworthy. It feels like the movie lacks brains, which is a bit ironic. Steers is loyal to Jane Austens original and I get the feeling that he really doesn’t want the zombies in there.

The zombie/undead genre is a bit washed up these days. Zombies are in everything, and kudos to this film for actually being a bit original. Seeing zombies hunting down in 17th century England is not really something I believe has been done before. Kudos to that, getting away from stereotypical clichés is always bonus points.

Lily James

Let it be said that Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is by no means a good film. It is messy, confusing and the script is terrible. One of the few times I have felt truly revealed when the end credits started rolling and well if you like illogical zombie gore films you may find a thing or two to enjoy here. But other than that it is a train wreck

Score: 4/10


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  1. I saw this on a plane (probably on the way back home too), I thought it was hilarious!
    I only knew about the book prior to this, I still really want to read it. There are tons of books like this, classics rewarped with a supernatural twist. And I’m a sucker for both those things…

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