Baby Driver (2017)

Baby Driver is everything a crime action film should be. Fast, funny and full of feelings. 

So. Baby is the codename of a music lover getaway driver in a dangerous criminal gang. He is incredible at driving and the mafia boss considers Baby to be his lucky charm. Due to an accident as a child Baby suffers from Tinnitus and has to play really loud music straight into his ears to function while driving. But one day Baby falls in love with a beautiful waitress and stuff starts going to hell really fast.

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Let’s begin with the acting. There are so much stuff we can talk about in this great film that I am not really sure where to begin. Ansel Elgort, AKA Hollywoods biggest baby face stars as Baby, and seeing how is a character that barely speaks, he still manages to own pretty much the entire film. That is great acting. Lily James plays Debora. A Young waitress who befriends Baby and her acting is always a delight to watch, and lastly we have Kevin Spacey as the mob boss only known as Doc, and Kevin Spacey can always play villains. His unique voice and great acting really makes him a delight to watch. The chemistry between Baby/Debora is kind of seeing a 2017 version of Bonnie and Clyde.


Next we should talk about the music, cause a film like Baby Driver has to have a great soundtrack to work out. Spoiler alert. It does. With songs from great artist like T-Rex. Queen, Simon and Garfunkel and The Beach Boys it really manages to capture the great feeling of this artistic piece of film. Also a big mention of the sound technicians. When Baby has sequences where he is actually talking, we can hear the screeching sound in his ears, which really manages to capture how annoying tinnitus is.

The combination between the epic driving sequences and the amazing music really manages to build some great pieces of filmatic art.

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Edgar Wright has really outdone himself in the directing of Baby Driver, making a movie where the pacing has to be high all the time, is very difficult, but Wright manages to make the result one of the finest films of 2017. The fact that he enlisted a professional dancer to choreograph the actors timing and movement to synchronize them with the soundtrack was really a genius move.


The cinematography is done by Bill Pope, probably best known for his work on The Matrix, and he really has an eye for details. He really has no problems capturing fast racing in a way that looks incredible. There is not a single thing to criticize the cinematography of Baby Driver on, and if you love a good camera you will find several pieces of cinematic art to love in Baby Driver.


So, Baby Driver is good, among the movies that has come out in 2017 so far it is up there with Dunkirk as the very best. It is a fast paced action crime film filled with feelings and a killer soundtrack that just to quote Simon and Garfunkel screams: “They call me Baby Driver, and once upon a pair of wheels. I hit the road and I am gone.”

Score: 9/10


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