Snowpiercer (2013)

This dysopian sci-fi thriller  directed by Bong Joon-ho star Chris Evans and tells the story of a dysopian train ride. 

The Snowpiercer is a gigantic train that houses humanity after scientists fail to cure global warming and turns the world into a popsicle. The tail section of the gigantic train is filled with the “scum” the poor living under dreadful circumstances. One of the tail section men Curtis Everett plots a revolt that will take them all the way to the engine and seize the train for themselves.


Snowpiercer has quite a lot of great acting. Chris Evans  shines as this revolutionary leader fighting to survive. John Hurt plays Gilliam, the kind and fair spiritual leader of the tail section of the train. The magnificent Tilda Swinton plays a minor antagonist Minister Mason who scares the people of the tail section and she is one of those actresses that are just magical in everything she does. Song Kang-ho is the only korean speaking character in the film and he plays this crazy intelligent drug addict who accompanies them to the front of the train to open up doors.


Tilda Swinton is the star of the film though. No matter how cruel Mason is as a character she is such a great actress that you just have to love her. She said she inspired the character on Margareth Thatcher, Hitler, Gaddafi and Silvio Berlusconi and the hair and make up departement makes her look like this incredibly wicked character.


Bong Joon-ho is a South Korean director known for his incredible monster movie The Host and most recently Okja who can be found on Netflix. Snowpiercer was his very first film in English. The movie is based upon a french graphic novel from 1982 and the directing here is awardworthy. Bong manages to move the movie forward at the same pace as the train, and he manages to take a dystopian genre (Which in my opinion is a bit washed up) and makes it feel brand new. Snowpiercer is incredibly exciting and it feels like something I have never seen before. Bong uses his typical dark humour and moods shifts and makes a great piece of cinema.


The visual effects here are worth talking about cause damn that train looks great. The way they have made the frozen landscapes outside and the train with god knows how many cars on it is among the best piece of visual effects I have seen in a long time. The movie is produced by Bongs good friend and colleague Park Chan-wook who is also one of my favorite directors and you an really see that Bong is inspired by Parks dark and sinsister lore

The costume departement for this film had a lot to do, and they succeded. The costumes are really fun to look at, and especially the way it feels like everyone in the tail section has their own unique personality when there are supposed to be thousands of them.


The music is done by Marco Beltrami, and the score builds up the tension throughout the film. His love for the bass drums can be heard quite clearly here.

A Dystopian future where mankind has exterminated themselves and there has been so many disasterfilms the last years, but Snowpiercer is the first one that actually manages to feel brand new. It is a wonderful piece of cinematic artistery and just how film should be. Thrilling piece of science fiction with gorgeous special effects and great actors.


Snowpiercer is a great piece of film and another example that Korean directors are awesome, it is one of those films that just sticks with you for a while after watching it. There are plenty of tiny details and colour symbolism to notice here and there and plenty for the active cinematophile to love. We have heard the genre before.

Score 9/10



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