Atomic Blonde (2017)

Charlize Theron proves to be the Queen of Badass action movies in this fascinating action spy film. 

Atomic Blonde takes place during 1989 in East Germany, and tells the story of a spy who has to locate a list of every double agent who are being smuggled into the West. In the lead roles we have Charlize Theron and James McAvoy. Theron keeps up the portrayal of badass action heroine while McAvoy really plays creepy extremely well. He is the kind of actor you never know if you can trust or not.  It is important in Atomic Blonde to trust absolutely no one


The directing of Atomic Blonde is done by David Leitch, known for being the uncredited codirector of John Wick and is currently helming Deadpool 2. The man is a pretty solid director with good knowledge of cheeky humour and action sequences. His experience as a stunt man has made sure he really knows how to make some great action sequences.


The success of Mad Max Fury Road is quite important for Atomic Blondes success. Theron proved herself as Furiosa and as producer here she got the chance to shape the movie the way she wanted. Of course there are some issues we are going to address. The writing of the movie is dreadful.


Lets start with the writing. The script is written by Kurt Johnstad. A screenwriter known for his terrible pacing. Previously doing 300: Rise of an Empire  His writing is filled with beautiful violence and is always inspired by comic books and that is among the big issue. Cause the violence and action looks really good, but the story overall ends up being really weak.

The Cinematography is done by Jonathan Sela and the cinematography is just as fast and action oriented as it should be in a movie like this, the movie is gray and depressive and manages to capture the essence of the Berlin crisis in 1989.


Music. Here the music is very important and with a mixture of german and english 1980s songs the soundtrack is rock solid. The movie also synchronize the music with the action sequences which is remarkable. The soundtrack done by Tyler Bates.

Now lets move on to the action sequences. The one thing this movie will be remembered for. We are talking high quality fast paced action sequences where Theron beats a man to death with her stiletto and an incredibly cheesy fight scene in a hotel room to 99 Luftballoons in synch with every gut punch.

Atomic Blonde blonde.png

Leitch manages to reinvent a cheesy cold-war spy movie genre, which every director makes at least once in their career, and with Theron and McAvoy and a solid crew of actors he builds one of the finest actions films of 2017, and a movie every film lover will enjoy. It is clearly inspired by Jason Bourne and James Bond, and is a kind of ridiculous action movie you will just sit down and enjoy.

Score: 8/10


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