It (2017)

It, is one of the few Stephen King adaptations that can actually qualify as good

I have an irretional fear of Clowns, and watching It may not have been the smartest idea but everyone has praised it and I figured I had to have a review up on it. It is the coming of age story of children losing their innocence when they realize that their little town of Derry is being terrorized by a sential being that feeds on childrens fear. It is up to The Losers Club to stop this terrorizing menace from eating any more of the children. Each of the Children are being bullied or assaulted on a daily basis, so when they have to fight a killer clown as well it turns very scary very quickly.


Sounds scary am I right? Well that is cause it is. The movie is R Rated and It is a classic example on making horror movie without walking into the stupid cliche trap and that is a lot to do with the directing of Andy Muschietti. The man is a horror god. His debut film Mama is one of the scariest movies I have ever seen, It manages to capture some astonishing visual effects, focuses on the correct parts of the story, and has some amazing characterization. It works very well seeing how all of the main cast is children, it manages to create a creepy atmosphere unlike anything seeing this being that only targets innocent children cause of its fear, and see the children that tries to stop it.


Bill Skarsgård plays Pennywise The Dancing Clown, and the man is one creepy swede. Pennywise looks incredible costume wise, and his terrorization of the children might end up giving me freaking nightmares. A big credit goes to the people that did the costume and hair/makeup. Giving Pennywise a cleary Rennaisance inspired outfit manages to make the character a bit more childish, to mirror the children.  They have managed to make one very scary clown. Now for the children. The leader of the losers club is played by Jaden Lieberher and the chemistry between his character Bill and his friends are simply amazing. Muschietti must have spent a whole lot of time trying to find the right kids to play this part, and he really did. Bill is haunted by the death of his brother Georgie and feels neglected by his family.


The use of mise-en-scene in we could talk about for a long time. The movie is very colourful. Everything is done to create this creepy atmosphere. Pennywise different forms, and the symbolizm of the colour red which is reccuring throughout the film works in a spectacular way. that any cinematophile should love. The CGI is incredible when Pennywise transforms into a monster. It will make the shivers go down your back.


It is a movie that I really don´t want to talk about way to much in fear of destroying it. It will easily dethrone The Shining as the ultimate Stephen King adaptation and any horror movie lover will find plenty of things to love about It, now I an gonna go hide before that creepy clown finds me. Now I am excited to see what Chapter 2 will bring. Also. Fun fact. Most of the main cast are not old enough to see this film.

Score: 9/10



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