The Emoji Movie (2017)

Sony Pictures Animation has made some great animated films in its lifespan. The Emoji Movie is not one of them. 

There has been some big mistakes throughout Film History, but few can match the disaster that is the emoji movie. We are talking bad voice acting, bad animation, and a really bad plot that manages to make a movie that is under 90 minutes feel like an eternity.


The movie has been a pretty good box office success, and that is probably due to curiosity. When everyone called it “The Worst movie of all time” of course people was gonna go see it. It is a low-budget animation film that has tripled it budget at the box office.


The concept is exactly as it sounds like. We are in Textopolis, the name of the city in your phone were all your emojis live, and here they socialize and work  as emojis. Our main character is named Gene, a malfunction “Meh” Emoji who sets out on a journey through the phone with Hi-5 to become a normal Meh emoji.


And that is enough about the plot. Lets start the criticism. I really want to try to find something good to say about this, but I don`t think I can. It is upright terrible no matter how you look at it.

The animation does not look very impressive. It lacks any kind of visual style acceptable for an animated film in 2017. It lacks any kind of reasonable plot, point of view, Ideas, logic or any distinguished function that makes it worthwhile. Most of the time you will just ask yourself: Why is Patrick Stewart voicing the Poo Emoji?


It is movies like The Emoji movie that makes me wonder how anything like this gets made? It is made by Tony Leondis who is not really a very good director, best known for Lilo and Stitch 2 and Igor, none of them very well received he continues his streak of upright terrible filmmaking.


The Emoji movie is marketed towards children but not even children could find this piece of poop interesting. Seeing Spotify work as a boat to save the day, or Christina Aguilera voice the dancer in Just Dance is not working out in anyones interest.

I want to point out that I really suffered in the 86 minutes of length The Emoji Movie is, and no matter how hard I try to find something positive, the Emoji Movie remains a complete waste of time.

Score: 1/10


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