Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012)

This adorable coming of age story from 2012 is a powerful adorable journey where the visuals are unlike anything you would ever see again. 

Movies like Beast of The Southern Wild is why I love Cinema so much. Made by a totally unknown director, and not using any famous names, and still manages to create a movie you will never forget.


In Beasts of the Southern Wild we meet Hushpuppy and her Papa Wink living in a southern Louisiana bayou shielded from the world with a huge wall. Outside storms are brewing and the ice caps are melting. Hushpuppy is a small and stubborn nine year old girl trying to fend for herself in a tough world.


Let`s begin with the acting here. Hushpuppy is portrayed by Quvenzhane Wallis and she is the youngest actress to ever be nominated for an Academy Award, at the age of 9 she shows some real acting skills and completely owns the movie. She was six  years old when this was filmed and her strong character and personality is acting talent unlike few others can accomplish.


Beast of the Southern Wild is the feature debut of Benh Zeitlin, and what a debut it is. The man offers some incredible directing on a script he wrote together with Lucy Alibar. Zeitlin manages to make a movie that feels so real and simple. It has a small budget and uses it for everything it is worth. It is truly a remarkable cinematic experience.


The film is shot on 16mm by Ben Richardson, and the man is a master with the movie camera. The cinematographer manages to capture the unique realism of the movie. His framing is incredible and deserves all the praise it can possibly get. After that he worked on The Fault in Our Stars which is also a cinematography masterpiece.


There is no way that Beasts won`t captivate you. Everything from Wallis amazing performance to Zeitlins strong direction and Richardsons amazing framing. It is a feel good movie about a strong young girl who manages to capture everyone’s hearts. Makes me wonder if this movie would have been possible without Wallis.

Beasts-of-the-Sout_2372520k (1)

There are so much magic hidden behind a movie like this. I am not even sure how to explain it with proper words. It takes a swing at massive Hollywood blockbusters by showing them that you don’t need a budget on 300 million dollars to make a great film.

I think that is about what I should say. Beast of the Southern Wild is a remarkable piece of cinematic art. It`s a movie that sticks with you forever in a great way, and the remarkable acting of Wallis and directing by Zeitlin is worthy of all the praise it can get

Score: 9/10


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