Patriots Day (2016)

The movie about the horrific terrorist attack that hit the Bostom Marathon back in 2013 is moving and filled with great acting. 

Making movies based on actual events are becoming more and more common, and the quality of those movies are usually very good. Patriots Day is directed by Peter Berg, who also did Deepwater Horizon and Mark Wahlberg once again stars in the lead role.


I do not wanna talk that much about the plot because everyone knows what happened that day. Two bombs were detonated near the finish line of the Boston Marathon and three people died and several hundred was injured.


Wahlberg plays a fictional police officer that was there when the bomb detonated, and the fact that I have to consider Mark Wahlberg a serious actor is something that is going to take some time getting used to. His acting as the police officer is really good and when he breaks down with his wife after a long day. Peter Berg really manages to capture the desperation of the police in the manhunt for the terrorist.


Peter Berg knows this genre. both Deepwater Horizon and Patriots Day is a proof of that. He knows how to tell tragic stories with the justice it deserves. The directing of Patriots Day is powerful and realistic and just like Deepwater Horizon he manages to capture the essence of how tragedies bring people together and using the book Boston Strong that this movie is based upon manages to tell a great story that sticks with you.


The cinematography here is done by Tobias Schliessler. A German cinematographer who has an impressive resume with Beauty And The Beast (2017) and Mr.Holmes (2015). He is a cinematographer who manages to capture the essence of emotions in each frame, and is a true visionary in the cinematographer subject.

Patriots Day is a movie that manages to tell the story I did not know a lot about in details, and that is something Peter Berg knows very well. He really knows the story he want to tell, and therefore he manages to tell it in a way that moves everyone watching it. Patriots Day is not an action thriller, but a real tribute to the true heroes of tragedies. Many people will probably say that telling stories about terrorist attacks is uncalled for, but I will say that showing the strength of humans loving and caring for each other in tragedies are important to show, and movies can be a medium for that.


Patriots Day is one of the finest films I have seen in years. Wahlberg and Bergs other collaboration is rock solid and something any cinematophile will love. It has solid directing, a stellar cast and some beautiful cinematography

Score: 9/10


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