Office Christmas Party (2016)

This christmas comedy movie features an ensemble cast of Jason Bateman, Olivia Munn and Jennifer Aniston and tells the story of a party gone very very wrong. 

I was in the mood for dumb comedy last night, and I decided to put this on. Sometimes you just need to watch something so stupid it is almost good, Sadly in terms of this movie, it is always a lot of almost. The great cast is not great enough to save this movie.


So. Of course there are a lot of things we should criticize this movie on. The first part is that it is not funny. It is an overstuffed plot, filled with cliché jokes and childish disgusting themes it tries to shove down your throat.

It is directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck, both known for their love of stupid comedy. The duo previously did Blades of Glory and The Switch, and that should probably say enough. Now it could be the fact that I have a weird sense of humour.


Now there are some pretty good comedians we should address here. Jason Bateman is always amazing in everything he does, no matter the script and Jennifer Aniston shines in the roles as characters you are supposed to hate the guts of. Aniston clearly loves playing daring characters that you are supposed to dislike. And she saves this shitshow from being disastrous.

Office Christmas Party appeals to pre puberty teenagers. It plays on sex, drugs and doing stupid shit. The script is written by the same man who did The HAngover, but The Hangover was funny when it came out nearly ten years ago. Movies like this does not really age well at all.


The script is not just filled with clichés, it is just stupid. WAy more plotlines than a comedy should have, and the result is that people just fall off all the different plots very fast.

Office Christmas Party is not really worth watching for anything other than seeing Jennifer Aniston play bad or Jason Bateman being a pushover. There are some parts of the acting which can qualify as decent, but the overall feeling of the film is that it is 105 minutes of wasted time.

Score: 4/10



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