Dunkirk (2017)

After finally having the chance at seeing Dunkirk I just have to take my hat off for Christopher Nolan. This is one hell of a masterpiece. 


I am starting to wonder why I have not seen this until now? There are so many things I wanna talk about when it comes to Dunkirk I am going to have to narrow it down. Dunkirk is a war film about the evacuation of Dunkirk Beach in 1940, and it is a cinematic masterpiece.


There are many things to focus on when we are talking about the technical aspects of Dunkirk but let us begin with the cinematography. Done by Hoyte von Hoytema Dunkirk portrays evacuation from land, sea and air, and the camera is majestic. Especially when the action is on the water and in the air. One of the pilots is played by Tom Hardy and the way the cinematographer handles the rapid battles and action is one of the best uses of cinematography I have ever seen. It is gorgeous to look at. Raw brutal art. Shooting and releasing the movie on 35mm and 70mm in 2017 takes some balls. That is reason enough to see Dunkirk on a big screen.

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Among the actors we have Tom Hardy. Harry Styles and Cillian Murphy, and the actors manage to capture the essence of the horrific scenes the soldiers that ended up in Dunkirk witnessed. Cillian Murphy is especially worth mentioning as the shell-shocked shivering unnamed soldier. That is award-winning performance right there.


What fascinates me with Dunkirk is the lack of dialogue. There are so few words spoken throughout the movie, and the actors uses their acting skills and Nolans raw directing to tell the story. The sound effects are just remarkable. Richard King did a remarkable job on the sound of the Spitfires and explosions, and adding the gorgeous soundtrack of Hans Zimmer on it makes it a movie worth remembering.

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Christopher Nolan has always been one hell of a director, but in Dunkirk he has outdone himself in every way. He uses every tool at his disposal to create cinematic art. Dunkirks use of practical effects and mise-en-scene makes the entire movie feel realistic. Dunkirk is a short film, on barely 100 minutes, but It is so good you just end up being swallowed in the cinematic mastery of Christopher Nolans directing. He does not show Germans on the beach, just torpedos and planes. And instead of doing a lot of politics like most war films Dunkirk is just war, and the cruelty of evacuation.


Nolan wrote the screenplay for Dunkirk in the 1980s and it was barely 76 pages long, which is very short for a screenplay. There is hardly any plotline here and everything that makes Dunkirk good is in the technical parts. It is a good script. Soldiers being prisoners on a beach surrounded by Germans before the War officially breaks out. Dunkirk works because Nolan does not push the plot further than he has to.


Dunkirk deserves every piece of praise it gets. It is by far the best movie of 2017 and I am sensing a lot of Oscar nominations coming this way. Dunkirk is the movie you can enjoy no matter what. It is a visually astonishing movie with a great theme and sound effects unlike any other warfilm. Dunkirk is the best film I have seen in a very long time, and Christopher Nolan has just made movie history.

Score: 10/10


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