Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

Rian Johnsons continuation of the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy gives us a dashing good sci-fi which is one of the best films of the year. 

I love Star Wars. I will not hide from that fact. The epic space opera George Lucas made in 1977 is an instant classic, and with installment number two in the sequel trilogy Rian Johnson manages to fix everything J.J Abrahams did wrong in The Force Awakens.


Rian Johnson has made Star Wars history with this directing. He is phenomenal at making sure everything in this movie feels like epic sci-fi. The plot of this movie is splendid and the depth of both the cast of the new actors and the old classic original trilogy characters makes any Star Wars fan grin with enjoyment.


So, we pick up right where The Force Awakens left. The Resistance led by General Leia Organa is running away from the First Order. Rey, Chewbacca and R2-D2 found Luke Skywalker in the middle of nowhere and has to try to convince him of joining the resistance to take down his brat of a nephew Kylo Ren.


The action sequences in The Last Jedi are incredibly well choreographed and the battles look amazing both in space and on solid ground. The sets they have used for the old Jedi temple looks incredible, the mise-en-scene is pleasing in every way.

The Jedi plot of The Last Jedi is what makes it so incredibly good.  This movie has lightsaber battles. The Force. Jedis Sith, and plenty of both Prequel and Original Trilogy allusions so any Star Wars fan should be able to enjoy this to the fullest .


Mark Hamills return to Star Wars has made me grin with happiness for two hours and 40 minutes. Luke is the old and still wise Jedi Master who has lost faith in what the Jedi stood for. Alone with his Porgs and old Jedi texts he is like the grumpy old Hermit who has lost the spark of rebellion he had in the originals. BB-8 is still the star of the sequel trilogies. The fan favorite droid rolls around with John Boyegas Finn through most of the movie and is the highlight of most laughs throughout the film.


Daisy Ridleys Rey is still the best character of the new trilogy, her powers are extraordinary and it will be so fun to see where they plan to bring her character from here. Her chemistry with everyone’s favorite crybaby Adam Driver gives us one of the finest acting moments in modern cinema.

Carrie Fishers last appearance as Princess/General Leia is heartbreaking to look at, and every scene with her in is emotional and hits every right note. It felt great to see Leia one last time.


Good sci-fi needs good visual effects. That was one of the big problems of the Prequels, the CGI looked cheap and low. After Disneys purchase of Lucas Arts in 2012 their new Star Wars films have been completely different. Disney manages to give the studio enough money to produce good Sci-fi by letting the CGI look impressive and as realistic as possible, also the hair and make up of some of the aliens are really award worthy to look at.

The cinematography is done by Steve Yedlin, and he has worked with Rian Johnson before. The cinematography is also impressive to look at and the way the camera manages to follow the battle is something any film lover could appreciate.


We need to address the music and sound. John Williams is still the composer and uses most of the famous tunes of the original trilogy and everyone knows the theme songs from Star Wars, even non Star Wars fans knows the theme from STar Wars. The sound effects of the blasters and lightsabers are sounds every fanboy could recognize and the result is just so fun.

The Last Jedi is the Star Wars film I always wanted. Where The Force Awakens felt a lot like A New Hope, The Last Jedi is a smashing blast back to The Empire Strikes Back. It is a movie that does everything the right way. The plot, the ensemble cast, the gorgeous visual effects and score. and the emotions the movie gives you makes it one of the best movies of 2017.

Score: 10/10




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