Justice League (2017)

The DC Superhero mash up movie suffers from the Zack Snyder effect, but there are some highlights here and there. 

I love DC Comics. They have always been my favorite comic book publishers but in terms of their cinematic universe they have had some big problems. Man of Steel was boring. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was boring. Suicide Squad was even worse and all of these movies have one thing in common. Zack Snyder.


The man is not a very good director and the result is that he does not manage to give the characters the justice they deserve. Justice League suffers from a lackluster plot and intense overuse of cheap CGI.

Let us begin talking about the highlights though. There are some very good things to address here. Jason Mamoa is Arthur Curry. The Aquaman and he shines in the role. His Aquaman makes me really exited about the future of Aquaman and seeing him in his solo movie. I still want to see him in a green spandex though.

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Gal Gadot has been the star of the DCEU as Wonder Woman. the only DC movie yet that can qualify as good. Her portrayal of Diana Prince has been praised and it is well worth it. Wonder Woman is the beacon of hope when Superman is dead and her chemistry with Ezra Miller as Barry Allen and Ben Affleck as Batman is realistic and fascinating to watch.


Justice League also has some very good action sequences. The action in BvS was boring and poorly choreographed, here it is the other way around. the action is fast paced, gorgeous to look at and very well choreographed. A movie like Justice League will have a lot of action sequences and therefore it is important that the action is pleasing to look at.


The plot is very weak. Superman is dead, Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince forms a protective team of superhumans to protect the world in Supermans legacy. The team consists of Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg and when the evil Steppenwolf attacks with his demonbugs the war is on. The script written by Joss Whedon and Zack Snyder sounds quite cliche. We have heard it a million times before and when the movie is under two hours most of the characters does not get a chance to shine and feels forced. Jeremy Irons as Alfred seems like an interesting cast if we ever get to see more of him.

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There is good CGI, and there is bad CGI. Wonder Woman has good CGI, Justice League has bad. Steppenwolf looks terrible. You can basically see the greenscreen. Most of the effects when The Flash runs looks awful, and you can already see that the CW has done The Flash more justice than Justice League.


I want these movies to be great. There are potential of great superhero films in the DC Universe, but they really need to get rid of Zack Snyder. Wonder Woman is the proof that the DC movies could be amazing as soon as Snyder is not involved. Justice League is the total definition of a mediocre movie. It never really manages to find it`s own. The poor CGI and villain makes it a little boring, and the movie suffers from an identity crisis

Score: 6/10


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