The Snowman (2017)

The Hollywood adaptation of Jo Nesbøs brilliant novel spends two hours melting

I love the writings of Jo Nesbø. He is a master of writing psychotic thrillers and The Snowman is norwegian literary art. THerefore I was very sceptical when Hollywood decided to adapt this into a film starring Michael Fassbender as the great Detective Harry Hole.

There is several problems with this film and lets begin with the screenplay. It is incoherent and messy, and there are so many important plots that do not get enough attention to portray the protagonist in a worthy way. The Snowman suffers from a really bad script, and the acting is also not really memorable.


In The Snowman a serial killer terrorizes Oslo killing women and putting their heads on Snowmen. It is up to Police officer Harry Hole and his new partner Katrine Bratt to outwit the serial killer before the next snowfall and he kills again.

The plot is everywhere and Tomas Alfredsson fails in the direction. All of the main cast has no idea what they are supposed to do and when every actor has their own idea on what to do with the character it turns into a mess. It is a pity cause Alfredsson is actually not a bad director. Here it just feels like every choice made, has been the wrong one.


The film is filmed in Norway, and thank God for that. Cause it may be the only thing worth giving them credit for. The scenery is amazing, but everything else is kind of melting in its own boredom.

And that is the problem, a film like this should not be boring. The Snowman is actually a very interesting book that is impossible to put down. And this two-hour snoozefest makes no sense. It is hard to follow the plotline and that makes the movie feel so long.

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Michael Fassbender is a great actor, but in the role of Harry Hole is just too handsome. Harry Hole is supposed to be a shabby alcoholic wreck. Rebecca Ferguson is a lot more impressive as his partner Katrine Bratt.


There is no way to hide that The Snowman is bad, it is probably among the worst movies of 2017, and I really hate that. I wanted this movie to be good, more than anything this year. It is pretty clear that no one who worked on this movie had read the source material, and it really would have needed a better script and more enthusiastic directing.

Score: 2/10


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