Geostorm (2017)

Geostorm is a poor attempt at making an epic disaster movie, but due to lack of impressive visuals, characters and plot ends up being a disaster of a movie. 

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The genre disaster movie has had quite a lot of garbage in the recent years, and Geostorm is sadly no different. The trailer is really impressive, and looks like a really good movie, but the overall quality of the final film was not very good.


So. In a near future humanity has fired up climate controlling satellites to stall the amount of natural disasters that is occurring throughout the planet. It is up to a satellite designer played by Hollywoods overrated number 1 Gerard Butler to stop it from launching a Geostorm, a natural Armageddon.


Lets begin with the obvious flaw number 1. The visual effects. an epic disaster movie is supposed to look realistic. Dantes Peak, Deep Impact, The Day After Tomorrow, all of them are astonishing to look at in pure visuals. Geostorms number 1 problem is that nothing looks realistic. The movie ends up feeling really boring because of it.


Geostorm is the directorial debut of Dean Delvin, who also wrote the script, and that leads us to problem number 2. The really uninspiring story is the same cliché we have heard in every disaster movie to date. a separated father having to save the world to save his estranged daughter and brother. Geostorm plays every clichés fiddle known to man and there is nothing in the plot that stands out as memorable at all.


Geostorm felt like a movie I got stupider by watching, and it may be the stupidest film I have seen in years, and I saw The Emoji Movie, there is absolutely nothing redeemable in Geostorm other than the soundtrack.

The problem with the poor visuals of Geostorm is a that you can easily see the green screen. The cinematography by Roberto Schaefer is as uninspiring as the lackluster plot.


The soundtrack done by Lorne Balfe and Piner Toprak sounds incredible and could easily go into record as one of the best disaster movie soundtracks to date. The sound effects are also reasonable. When volcanoes start popping up in Hong Kong or people turn into popsicle in Rio De Janeiro.


Geostorm is the movie I really wish I loved, because as common as global warming is in 2017 there are potential for making a great movie out of it. It is sadly a depressive bad film of 109 minutes that I have problems remembering afterwards

Score: 2/10


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