Coco (2017)

Coco is one of the examples of exactly how good Pixar Animations is at its´ best. 

The story features a 12-year-old boy who during the Mexican tradition: Day of the Dead ends up cursed in the land of the dead and has to get help from his deceased Great great grandfather to get back home into the land of the living.

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Cocos biggest strength is its visuals. It is breathtakingly colorful and fun to watch. It has a family friendly and thoughtful narrative that appeals to your feelings in every way. It makes you appreciate culture, family, life and death. The way the dead interact with the living automatically made me think of Japanese master Hayao Miyazaki.


Pixar has always been an amazing animation studio, but they may have outdone themselves with Coco. EVerything is so good. The colours, the movement. It really feels like Studio Ghibli quality in every way.

The screenplay is written by Pixar veteran Adrian Molina and it is clear that he has made an instant Pixar classic here. The script is cheerful, exiting and filled with fund dialogue and with the all latino cast and Mexican setting they really manage to capture the mood of “Day of the Dead”


The voice cast does a stellar job, and the two leads Miguel and Hector played by Anthony Gonzalez and Gael Garcia Bernal have an amazing chemistry between them. Coco is a nice tribute to mexican music and culture.


Now the music is a topic we really need to address, and damn this movie is catchy. Composed by Michael Giacchino. Remember Me is nominated for an Academy Award for best original song and the mood of the music matches the cultural tune of the film. I have found myself humming on the tunes for a while after seeing it, and I can probably see them win the award.


Pixar movies are filled with humour for both children and adults, and if there were any way to teach children about the impact of death, Pixar may have made it work. The movie does something to you.

Coco is a must see, for anyone who is a fan of movies. It is sweet, it is emotional and it is an instant Pixar classic that both adults and children will enjoy. It is a respectful tribute to mexican culture and the stellar cast of great voice actors makes it a unforgetable journey.

Score: 9/10


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