The Death of Stalin (2017)

The Death of Stalin is a classic example of British satire at it`s very best, and tells parts of the story of the power struggle after the death of Joseph Stalin.

Can you make Stalinism funny? That is the theme of this film directed by Scottish satirist Armando Iannucci. Steve Buscemi stars as Nikita Khrushchev and the film is filled with a lot of great actors. Everyone knows that Stalin was not a very nice man. The soviet dictator murdered thousands of innocent people and the power struggle following his death in 1953 was bloody and filled with violence and the death of innocent.


Political satire is always an interesting genre, it is always a swing or a miss, and Iannucci takes a lot of creative freedom here, and it works, everyone curses in stereotypical british accents and the amount of cheesy sex jokes and typical british jokes makes it an entertaining 100 minutes of cinema.


Steve Buscemis acting as Khrushchev is impressive and fun to watch, and his cunning attitude towards his co-actors are believable and fun.  Simon Beale plays his arch-enemy Lavrentia Beria and the hatred between them are amazing.

The mise-en-scene is incredible and Zac Nicholsons cinematography warms my heart to look at.


The direction of Iannucci is stable throughout the film, and he is very good at combining political satire with topics filled with fear. It is important to remember that Stalin killed a whole lot of people, but there is nothing wrong in making satire out of it as well.


Russia has gotten really offended by this film, and I can kind of see why. England takes a chapter of Russian history that is dreadful and decides to mock it. Political satire always ends up offending someone.

Now as a conclusion we can address the fact that The Death of Stalin is a very funny film, Steve Buscemi delivers the acting role of a life time as Khrushchev and the direction of Iannucci makes it one of the finest political satire films of all time. This is a movie that is on the poster of a lot of film festivals all around the world and is worth a watch

Score: 8/10


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