Find that Dumb Little Bitch and Throw her into a River (2017)

A brash dutch boy posts a video of his sister committing an act of animal cruelty without realizing the consequences. 

This is a movie that is really hard to describe properly. It is the kind of movie that should be seen, not read about. This movie is based on a real case of a viral video from 2010 about a girl throwing puppies into a river: I remember the case very well, and the morality of Ben Brands directorial debut is recurring and the film is just a spectacular masterpiece.

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Now what can I actually say about this film. Ben Brand delivers solid directing and uses the characters to tell the story. We have Remco, a reckless 15-year-old boy who puts out the video of his younger sister Lizzy doing her job and throwing the sick puppies into the river for her father who runs an illegal puppy breeding factory.


The difference in the characters makes this such a great film Remco is the stereotypical reckless 15-year-old boy who wants internet fame and desperate to be popular, while his little sister Lizzy is a sweet innocent girl with an amazing singing voice who adores her father and brother.

Brand does a killer job in not pointing fingers in this movie, there is no clear “Villain” only victims. Everyone does everything the wrong way, and the result is a tragic realism coming of age thriller that feels like something Michael Haneke could have made.

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There are quite a lot of Haneke in this movie. Remco learns the hard way that nothing is forgotten on the internet and before he knows it a mob forms trying to hunt down his dear little sister. The entire puppy drowning incidents are quite drowned down in the aspect of the social interactions after. Of course what Lizzie does is dreadful and everyone in the theater turned away when the puppies was screaming but she is probably the greatest victim here.

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There are a lot of ethical questions being asked in Find This Dumb Little Bitch and Throw Her Into a River, and Brand complicates the relationship between the viewer and the protagonists, perpetrators and victims and makes it hard to say which is which, it is a solid piece of cinema that show the cruelty in children, and how you need to be careful with what you put on the internet. I do not wanna give this film a score, because it is to important, but it should be seen, by everyone


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