The Post (2017)

Steven Spielberg has made a love letter to the free press in this historical drama featuring the Pentagon Papers in 1971. 

In these “Fake News” days a movie like The Post is more important than ever. Here we have Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep in the lead role as the editor and owner of The Washington Post, a small time newspaper who ends up publishing The Pentagon Papers regarding Americas manipulation during The Vietnam War.


The acting in this movie is stellar, both Streep and Hanks are among the finest actors in Hollywood and in The Post both the acting, the narrative of the script and the directing is very well done. Like previous historical journalism movies like All The Presidents Men and Spotlight Spielberg manages to point fingers to the right antagonist and make sure that the people on the newsroom. Spielberg always makes the narrative easy to follow, and that is one of the stronger assets of The Post. We are following two sets of narrative. First there is Katherine Graham(Streep), the owner of the Post and her dilemma on what she is going to do with the bord of directors and the threat of the White House. and on the other hand it is the news desk run by Ben Bradlee (Hanks) who gets these classified documents and has to figure out what to do with it.

The chemistry between Hanks and Streep are amazing, and their acting talents manage to bounce off each other til a great duo. They are a powerhouse duo and the result is among the finest acting of last year.


Soundtrack by John Williams, and that should be enough in itself. He has another masterpiece on his hand. The soundtrack of The Post manages to capture the essence of the film. Also on board is Spielbergs favorite cinematographer Janusz Kaminski who has worked on every Spielberg film since Schindlers List in 1993 and every frame is artistically composed into a visually pleasing movie.


The Costume Designer Ann Roth has done a pretty good job on the costumes. Most of the journalists and tone of the movie is grey and depressive, but Katherine is dressed in bright colours who looks like the symbol of hope.


Spielberg is still the king of Hollywood and with The Post he manages to tell a dramatic tale about Nixons presidency while also throwing a punch towards Donald Trump and the state of America these days. The Post is another great story about The Free Press it is a movie not only for the lovers of historical films, but it is a statement on what good journalism is.

Score: 8/10 


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