The Disaster Artist (2017)

The story of the production of “The Best shitty movie” of all time is a masterpiece of a film and really shows how amazing James Franco is. 

The Room Two words that most movie lovers should recognize immediately. Tommy Wiseaus “Masterpiece” from 2003 is on every list of the worst movies ever produced, and in this film we get the story on how it was made.

The script is based on the memoairs of Greg Sestero called The Disaster Artist My Life inside The Room, the greatest Bad Movie ever Made. James Franco plays Tommy Wiseau and directs and produces the film while his little brother Dave Franco plays Greg and the chemistry between the two leads are extraordinary. It is the first time the two brothers work together and their on screen chemistry is so great that it is hopefully not the last time.


I am not even gonna talk about the plot of The Room, if you have not seen it, do yourself a favour and do. It is interesting. So we have Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero, they meet at an acting class and decides to go to Hollywood to follow their dream to become actors, after struggling in Hollywood they agree on making a movie together and Tommy writes the script for The Room.

Tommy Wiseau is a very weird man, and The Room is one of the biggest cult classics of all time, and the script of The Disaster Artist manages to pay tribute to the chaos. James Franco is amazing to listen to and he looks like Tommy Wiseau, so it is clear to be the acting of his life.

Dave og James Franco i The Disaster Artist (1).jpg

The Disaster Artist manages to work as a comedy no matter if you have seen The Room or not, and Franco both Franco brothers does their best acting in their careers. It is an incredibly entertaining movie and James Franco has a lot of big cameos and manages to pay tribute to the movie while beautifully brining coherence to the chaotic production of this chaotic film. He is not known for directing comedies, but he really manages to embrace the genre and make a cinematic masterpiece.

The Disaster Artist is the kind of movie everyone will love. It has a great cast. It manages to deliver a fine piece of movie history, and it is very chaotic and entertaining. It is the kind of movie you can see just for the giggles, and of course The Room is the cult classic over all cult classics, and of course you will have some advantage if you have seen that trainwreck beforehand.

Score: 9/10



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