Black Panther (2018)

Black Panther is masterfully directed, and filled with great actors and the result is one of Marvels best films of all time. 

Black Panther first appeared in Captain America: Civil War in 2016 and became an instant hit with the audience. The king and protector of Wakanda now got his own Solo movie, and the acting of Chadwick Boseman and Michael B Jordan is award worthy.


So. Black Panther takes place after Civil War, and before Infinity War, King T’Challa(Boseman) has returned to Wakanda and after the death of his father in Civil War he is now ready to be crowned king. Meanwhile the mysterious Killmonger appears with bad intentions and it is the typical superhero movie after that.


Let’s begin with the acting. Both Boseman and Jordan thrives in their roles. Jordans Killmonger is by far the best MCU villain to date, and most of the time you really feel sympathic towards him. In supporting roles we have Forest Whitaker, Daniel Kalyuua, Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis.


The film is written and directed by Ryan Coogler, and what a job he has done. The film is masterfully directed and he manages to stay faithful to his own script and lets the cast shine. It is finely tuned narrative and Cooglers enthusiasm shines throughout the film making it super.

There are a lot of political correctness in Black Panther, and I do not really want to focus on it. because there is so much fun technical aspects to talk about, but of course Black Panther is important for racial representation in Hollywood. Hollywood is known for their racism, and a major blockbuster with a black director and an all-star assemble cast of mostly black actors is a clear sign that Hollywood racism is useless.


THe costume design also needs some praise. The costumes of the characters look amazing, Black Panther has the most detailed superhero costume in MCU to date.

Rachel Morrison works on the cinematography, and her work is extraordinary. Black Panther has some amazing action scenes, that is visually amazing to look at. All Marvel movies have great action sequences and a great cinematographer is 80% of a good action sequence.


There are some CGI issues here and there, but unless you know where to look, it is not really more than nitpicking. THe score is done by Ludwig Goransson and Kendrick Lamar, and the music in the film is pleasant to listen to.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting bigger every year, and Black Panther manages to be one of the highlight origin stories in the universe, all of that is thanks to Ryan Coogler and the great cast, they had the opportunity to make something special, and they succeeded in making something really special. Black Panther is a work of cinematic art that should really been seen by everyone.

Score: 9/10


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