All The Money In The World (2017)

Ridley Scotts crime thriller about the kidnapping of J.Paul Gettys grandson is a powerful tale of what a mother will do for her children, and features powerful performances from Christopher Plummer and Michelle Williams. 

Ridley Scott is 80 years old now, and still going strong in terms of filmmaking, The Alien legend has this time made the movie about one of the richest men in the world oil tycoon John Paul Getty, and how he refused to cooperate with kidnappers of his grandson John Paul Getty III.


Old man Getty is portrayed by Christopher Plummer, in the role of his life, originally supposed to be played by Kevin Spacey, who was recast just a month before release after the sexual allegations towards him. Plummer delivers a powerful performance as Getty. Michelle Williams portrays Getty IIIs mother, and is quite frankly the star of the film, and Mark Wahlberg plays a former CIA Agent who worked with Getty to solve the kidnapping.

Michelle Williams is great as the mother, and really manages to capture the fear of a mother losing her son. while Mark Wahlberg is more and more serious, and when he is serious he is actually a very good actor.

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The movie is written by David Scarpa based on the 1995 book by John Pearson, and the script is very solid work. There is exceptional dynamic between the characters, and it shows the story in a way most people probably does not know.

All The Money in the World is also a tribute to Ridley Scott as a director. The film went through a lot of problems and when Scott fired Spacey and issued reshoots a month before the initial release, it is impressive how good it turned out.


The cinematography by Dariusz Wolski, who has worked on a lot of Ridley Scotts films, is spectacular, every frame is masterfully captured. The mise-en-scene and costume design is gorgeous to look at, and manages to show the wealth of Getty.

All The Money in the World kind of feels like a play, it is a dynamic chemistry between every character unlike anything I have ever seen in film. It is much easier to find that on plays. You have the three amazing leads, you have a director with a fantastic work ethic, and the result is just damn good cinema.


All The Money in the world is a movie most people will find a lot of enjoyement in, Most people know the story of the GEtty family, but not that many knows the details, and the amazing narrative of this film really tells the story worth knowing.

Score: 8/10


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