Shoplifters (2018)

Hirokazu Kore-edas latest film is easily the highlight of his career so far, and is a moving dramatic tale about family.


Shoplifters manages to shine as one of the best movies in the last decade, Kore-edas directing is incredible. Kirin Kiki gives an extraordinary final performance before she sadly passed away late last year.


It is the story about a family turning to shoplifting to deal with poverty and what to do when they find a young girl who seems to be abused by her parents. Lily Franky and Sakura Ando gives amazing performances in the lead roles. The recurring theme of Shoplifters is “What is Family” and Kore-Eda shows that he does drama films like this better than anyone else.  The plot has similarities to Oliver Twist, and it is a scenario anyone could feel on their body.


And of course we need to talk about Kirin Kiki, Japans Queen of acting. Shoplifters was her very final role, and one of her better performances overall. She plays the adorable old grandmother you just end up smiling for everytime she says a word.


After a well-earned Oscar nomination for best foreign language film(Which I hope it wins) Shoplifters is taking the world by storm, cinematographer Kondo Ryoto captures some of the most beautiful scenes in modern cinema. Kore-edas love for 35mm continues to show and the texture and grayness of the film is spectacular. Kor-Edas deep inspiration by classic Yasujiro Ozu continues to show and he truly is Japans greatest filmmaker.


Shoplifters is the kind of movie that must be seen, it is so good it is hard to describe with words, Kore-Eda shows himself as Japans number 1 director in recent years, matching wits with Kurosawa Ozu and Miruse in the drama genre. Do yourself a favor and go watch Shoplifters, it is just that good, and the ending is probably the most beautiful shot scene in the last 20 years for Cinematophilicas. I know which one I am rooting for at the Oscars


Score: 10/10

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