A Star is Born (2018)

Bradley Coopers remake of the classic musical is one of the best movies in decades, and shows that Lady Gaga can act as well as sing. 

I have not loved a movie this much since La La Land, after spending years in development hell, the result of A Star is Born is just splendid. Bradley Cooper has written, starred in, directed and produced this amazing remake.


This is a remake done right, the story is moving, the cinematography is brilliant, the chemistry between Cooper and Lady Gaga builds the entire film, and which is important in musicals, the music is fantastic. Here we have Cooper which plays a drunken washed up-country rock star, who discovers a young nightclub singer/songwriter named Ally, while mentoring her they develop a romantic relationship, and their chemistry throughout the movie is so good I am expecting them to team up again later.


This is the fourth remake of A Star is Born, the most famous one being the 1954 version starring Judy Garland. This is easily the best one though. Bradley Coopers directorial debut is strong, and even though he is outshined by his female costar his drug addict country rock star is a splendid character battling his inner demons.


Gagas character is the typical restrained vulnerable girl who is afraid of taking a chance, of course she is also an amazing singer, shown in the very popular song “Shallow” Now after looking at the Academy Awards for best female actress, Gaga would be a worthy winner, it is easily one of the best performances in years.


The songs, written mostly by Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga and Lukas Nelson(The son of famous country singer Willie NElson) are all filled with simplicity and extraordinary lyrics. I have already mentioned Shallow, which is probably getting the Oscar for best original song, but I will Never Love Again is also a proper masterpiece. I think having the stars of the film also write the music makes it more personal.


One of the biggest stars of the film is named Matthew Libatique, and is the cinematographer. The film is masterfully shot. having previously shot Requiem For a Dream, and Black Swan, Libatique manages to capture some of the most gorgeous scenes in 2018 cinema, and the result can be seen. It may also be a strong contender to the Oscar for Cinematography.


There are a lot of themes in this film, and a central one is seeing how much struggling musicians have to cope with their situations. Gagas character looking at her boyfriends battle with demons is hurtful and sensitive to watch.

Even though Bradley Cooper delivers an impressive directorial debut, and performance, Lady Gaga is the true star of A Star is Born. She shows that she is also a terrific actress, deserving all the credit she has gotten, now A Star Is Born is easily one of the best films of 2018, and is already guaranteed the Oscar for Shallow, but I would not be surprised if Gaga or Libatique also could snag one of the movie industrys finest awards. This film is nothing more than astounding.

Score: 10/10


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