RBG (2018)

The documentary about Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a strong portrait about a pretty amazing woman fighting for gender equality cases.

This is how to make a good documentary film, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a sitting justice on the American Supreme Court and is known for her very liberal policies and strong sense of being a young lawyer in a hard world.

She tells her story about being a young law student in the 50s where everyone else were men and all the prejudice she faces during studying law at Harvard. She has been an active supreme court justice since 1993, and shows how she became a pop culture icon “The Notorious RBG”

Justice Ginsburg is at the age of 85 still active and going strong

Ginsburg herself has a soothing way of telling about her life, and at the age of 85 she is still active in law, her children and grandchildren also talks about how she is as a mother and grandmother, and we have several known feminist icons in the 70s and 80s comments on her legacy.

They manage to show her loving husband Marty who stood behind her through thick and thin. Her kids joke about how lousy of a cook she was, and how she was never allowed into the kitchen. Here we have a oppositve love story where her loving husband sacrificed everything for his wife to have a successful career

Directed by Betsy West and Julie Cohen for CNN films, they manage to make a portrait of a woman you just have to admire, by showing her playful side and love for Opera and jokes among all the serious parts.

Edited by Carla Gutierrez to have a smooth flow and thematic opponents focusing around how she was grilled in the congress by Sentaro Joe Biden in 1993. The editing in RBG is extraordinary.

Nodding off at the State of the Union is being shown to promote the humours part of the woman

RBG is a kind of documentary you just got to admire. A strong tale of a powerful woman, fighting for her beliefs, and even though it is a bit lighthearted and soothing it is safe enough that it works very well.

Score: 8/10

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