3 Faces (2018)

3 Faces is a powerful Iranian film about trying to get out of a strict conservative family.

3 Faces is the fourth film legendary Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi has made during his 20 year ban on filmmaking. Panahi is the genious director behind Taxi Teheran from 2015. Now he is back with 3 Faces and in this one he allies with popular Iranian actress Behnaz Jafari.

The story is simple, a young inspiring actress in a very conservative family makes a suicide film and sends to Jafari begging for help. So Jafari and Panahi travels to the remote village trying to figure out what happened.

I enjoyed this film a lot. Panahi still continues with his critical tone on Iranian Government, and shows his love of the cinema with gorgeous acting, gorgeous directing and masterful cinematography.

The chemistry between Jafari and Panahi is powerful, and 3 Faces is a movie that appeal to anyone. We can clearly see how different things are on the rural countryside of the Iranian mountains.

It feels a bit metaphorical the entire film. Everything is centered around this tiny village, even though we hear horns of other cars but no one other than Panahi and Jafari arrives. It is a story of life, all through the film we get different aspects of a life. a circumcistion. an insimination, a suicide, an old lady using her grave as a place to sleep.

Given all the problematic aspects of Panahis life 3 Faces is a masterpiece, They use all the right aspects of making a good movie. It is beautifully show by cinematographer Amin Jafari and they won the award for best screenplay at the Cannes Film Festival.

All in all 3 Faces is very good, and Panahi continues to be Irans best film director, it is a kind of movie everyone will enjoy and an easy way to learn about life on the Iranian countryside.

Score: 8/10

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