The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018)

This adaptation of The Nutcracker has some amazing visual effects, but have issues with the story and the pacing.

The story is pretty simple. a young girl named Clara inherits a locked egg from her deceased mother and travels to a magical land to find the key. Here she meets the brave Nutcracker and has to defend the land from the evil Mother Ginger.

Keira Knightly is barely recognizable as The Sugar Plum Fairy

On the character list we find Mackenzie Foy as Clara and Jayden Fowora-Knight as the brave nutcracker. Helen Miren gives a strong performance as the Mother Ginger, and we can also find Keira Knightley in the role as the sweet adorable Sugar Plum Fairy and Morgan Freeman in the mysterious role as Claras godfather

This project is directed by Lasse Hallstrom and Joe Johnson and here we start to see a bit of the problem. The directing is slowly paced, fails to get to a point and the result is that the film overall feels slow and a bit soulless.

Now the visual effects of this film is pretty good The Four Realms does look magical, but in a family friendly film like this it is sadly not enough, even now two hours after writing this review I have problems remembering most of the film.

Where is the dance numbers? Or the music, there is so much good in The Nutcracker stories they could have used to spike up the narrative of the film that they dont. As previous Nutcrackers have shown us the music is most of the important fact to make the story work.

Helen MIrren as Mother Ginger

James Newton Howards score is sadly also not really worth mentioning. They adapt some songs from Tchaikovskys original, but it sounds bland, like rhe rest of the movie.

I wish I liked this movie, but I do not. It fails to deliver a solid narrative, and the result is that it is a movie that can be forgotten fast. Even though it is cool to look at, it does not really serve any purpose at all to watch

Score: 4/10

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